Assets Management


As one of the world's largest investors in real estate, we own and operate iconic properties in the world's most dynamic markets. Our global portfolio includes office, retail, multifamily, logistics, hospitality, triple net lease, manufactured housing and student housing assets on five continents. Our goal is to generate stable and growing distributions for our investors while protecting them against downside risk. Our assets are diversified by sector and geography, reducing exposure to movement in any single market and minimizing volatility.

In our public and private investment vehicles, we seek to generate superior returns by leveraging our operating expertise and focusing on our core real estate capabilities - leasing, financing, development, design and construction, and property and facilities management.

Real Estate sectors


We own, develop and manage office properties in key gateway cities in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, Australia, Brazil, India and South Korea.


Our high-quality retail destinations are central gathering places for the communities they serve, combining shopping, dining, entertainment and other activities.


Our extensive multifamily portfolio makes us one of the largest owners and managers of residential apartment properties in the U.S. with ownership stakes in approximately 58,000 apartments.


We own and actively manage full-service hotels and leisure-style hospitality assets in high-barrier markets across North America, the U.K. and Australia.

Our expertise across a wide range of strategies drives innovative solutions.


Multi-assets provides the flexibility to be able to capture returns in attractive conditions, while seeking to provide downside protection when markets turn. We believe this investment management strategy represents an attractive asset allocation risk/return profile.

Our expertise across the fixed income spectrum and diverse investment styles mean that we can harness ideas across investment grade, global high yield, structured credit, loans, cocos, convertible bonds and emerging markets.
The overall funds are managed by Bramfort Multi-Asset Decision Group, which comprises a team of senior investment professionals.

At Bramfort , we offer several types of multi-asset funds, seeking to meet a wide variety of typical investor goals:

Income Funds

These funds can be a useful addition to portfolios where an investor seeks to receive a distribution or payout from the fund on a regular basis. Distribution payouts can be based purely on dividends, purely on bonds, or a mix of different asset classes. They may be designed to be regular and consistent (which may occasionally require a return of capital), or regular, but inconsistent (paying out only what the investment earns.)

Target Risk Funds

These funds are generally focused on seeking to achieve growth and/or income within a specific volatility range. The managers use multiple asset classes to help balance the risk and return of the fund consistent with the level of risk tolerable by the investor. For example, an investor who has a low tolerance for investment risk may choose a "conservative" fund, whereas an investor who can tolerate more risk might choose "moderate", "aggressive" or "growth" target risk funds.

Target Date Funds

These funds are typically associated with education planning or retirement planning. An investor chooses a date sometime in the future when the funds will be needed for a specific purpose. The funds follow a "glide path" of exposure to growth-based assets, reducing the exposure to equity risk as the date nears.

Fund of Funds

A "fund of funds" is a mutual fund that typically invests in 10-20 mutual funds or ETFs from different asset classes instead of investing directly in stocks or bonds. These funds offer similar multi-asset benefits to a model portfolio, but within a single mutual fund structure. Ongoing allocations are managed by a portfolio construction expert and administered directly within the mutual fund structure.

Fixed Income

We meet our investor's needs by offering a broad fixed income solution set and targeted global market intelligence.

Our experienced sales, trading and analyst teams keep us ahead of the curve and our clients well informed. The deep expertise of our Origination team allows us to partner with large corporate clients on all their capital raising and debt financing needs.

Our approach and actions are underpinned by our core values:

"Our Fixed Income platform combines a strong balance sheet with an experienced and diverse team that is focused on adding value to our clients. It's incredibly rewarding to see this operating model in action on market-leading transactions, both domestically and globally."

Manage Risk and Hedge against Loss with Fixed income Products

Fixed income investments offer long-term stability while generating higher returns than a traditional savings account. This makes them ideal for retirement accounts, short-term savings and as a diversification tool in any portfolio.

Why Fixed Products?

Fixed income investment products are an important part of many portfolios. Their opportunities for use are diverse and can help investors by:

Acting as a hedge against market volatility and downside risk. Creating a low-risk safe haven for those investors with a low tolerance for risk. Providing a method of portfolio diversification. Allowing for a guaranteed return for short-term savings. Delivering a means to preserve retirement assets once an investor reaches retirement age.


For nearly two decades, our overall goal has been to build compelling and repeatable investments that are highly diversified across signals and regions, and within a risk-controlled framework. We apply this systematic approach across our strategies, catering to the widespread investment needs of our clients.

3-Alpha These strategies differentiate by recognizing the inherent risks and opportunities that come with global equity investing. They pair our Enhanced Strategy alongside dedicated country and currency models for integrated alpha opportunities.



Strategies that provide pure implementations of individual styles, such as defensive, momentum and value.


These strategies harness the diversification and potential return benefits of investing in multiple well-known styles in an integrated fashion.


These strategies seek to provide consistent excess returns over common benchmarks. They combine established signals backed by academic evidence with proprietary signals based on rigorous research.

Relaxed Constraint

Strategies that build on Enhanced, but broaden the implementation universe through use of limited shorting in a 130/30 context while remaining beta-1 products.